Wild Card Countdown 10-9-8


Astros finish in Oakland with a Sweep.   Climbing Mount Wild Card Sure is Steep.  Houston’s 10-9-8 countdown starts now, for this Reason We only have 10 Games left in the regular Season.  Coming home for 4 versus the Angels.  No more games against the Rangers.  Followed by 3 versus Seattle.  Those 7 games will be a Battle.  A day of rest for the body and Mind.  Because Mount Wild Card has been a very tough Grind.  The final countdown 3-2-1. At the end of this road it will all be Done.  In Los Angeles for these Games.  It will take all 3 to stake a Claim.  To the wild card so many teams sought After.  But only 2 teams get to enjoy this Laughter.  So let the wild card countdown Begin.              10 more games until the END.

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