MLB Road To 90

In Honor of My Dad Glynn Parent Sr Brother Jeff Parent, Brother-In-Laws Bryan Hollis and Brent McGibboney and Nephews Easton Hollis, Luke McGibboney, Cohen Parent and Pierson Parent who fought flood waters of South Louisiana for days and have not stopped as they move straight into clean up and restoration.

Here is where the AL Wild Card Race is and where the Astros are positioned along with what I been saying will practically solidify a playoff spot.  90 Wins

Astros Road to 90 looking grim so does the WC. I use 90 w’s because history shows that 90 w’s gets a playoff birth over 90% of the time. This year that will be the case again. It will be very close to that number. If a team makes the AL WC with less than 90 it will take help from another team. In other words that team will not control their on destiny. So here is where they are now.

AL Div leaders

Toronto 70-54 38 games to go. 20 wins to 90 = 526 ball

Cleveland 71-51 40 games to go 19 wins to 90 = 475 ball

Texas 73-52 37 games to go. 17 wins to 90 = 459 ball

Boston 69-54 39 games to go 21 wins to 90 = 538 ball

Baltimore 68-56 38 games to go 22 wins to 90 = 579 ball

Seattle 66-57 39 games to go 24 wins to 90 = 615 ball

Detroit 65-59 38 games to go 25 wins to 90 = 658 ball

Houston 65-60 37 games to go 25 wins to 90 =676 ball

Kansas City 64-60 38 games to go 26 wins to 90 = 684 ball

I included KC for 2 reasons, currently an 8 game win streak and reining World Champs. So in the words of Phil Mickelson when the media would give Tiger Woods a chance to win the tournament 11 strokes back on Saturday. In a frustrated interview Phil said so everybody 11 strokes back still has a shot right?!

So back to the WC race.  Leaders Boston and Baltimore both in the AL east battling with Toronto for the division are setting the WC pace.
One of the biggest things hurting the Astros going forward is they have the least games to play. One could argue that’s a day of rest. Good argument. Opportunities for a W is premium. Seattle and Boston have 2 more opps than Houston. All the others in the WC race have 1 more opp than the Astros. So there is the road to 90.
The other way I like to play with the numbers is using 500 ball by the contender. So 500 ball by Baltimore, bottom WC seed, is 87 w’s. So still the other teams have more opportunities than the Astros that doesn’t change. What changed is the total number of W’s and the win %. So for Houston that’s 22 more W’s and 595 to tie Baltimore and all Baltimore has to do is win 19 more games playing mediocre 500 ball.
Steep uphill climb for the Astros to the WC. If they reach the pinnacle you will have witness a top 10 finish of all time and or a top 10 collapse of all time.

Hope this was a little something to divert all the flood and post flood work yall have been doing.

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