Mikie Mahtook Took the Top of 9th of a tied 3-3 Ballgame into his on Hands

Tampa Bay Devil Rays Mahtook early in the ballgame one hope the fence in right center, Mahtook runs well and that was on display during this play but Astros Centerfielder Marisnick runs well and has a plus arm.  Marisnick gets to the ball quickly and makes a great throw to Short Stop Carlos Correa on laces a relay throw to 3rd Baseman Alex Bregman who gloves the short hop as Mahtook is head first sliding into 3rd Bregman smoothly applies the tag right in front of 3rd base umpire signaling out.  What a gret hustling play on both ends of the ball.  Very well executed by the Astros or Mahtook has a lead off triple.  1 out nobody one vs 0 outs and a runner on 3rd.  Huge Difference!

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