Major Accomplishment

Awesome week of MLB action this past weekend. Trout of the Los Angeles Angels robs a grand slam at the Seattle Mariners. I find this very fitting with Ichiro Suzuki of the Miami Marlins getting his 3000th MLB hit. You might ask how is that fitting. Well here is what I see. Ichiro started off his career in Seattle. Yes the series in Seattle was a weekend to honor Ken Griffey Jr’s accomplishments and Trout would compare to Griffey Jr much more than to Ichiro but I see a great player on his way out doing what he does everyday, hit the baseball, and a young player that has become the face of Major League Baseball doing what he does everyday and that’s make great defensive plays. These accomplishments were done on the same day and Trouts play was in the location where it all started for Ichiro Suzuki as a MLB player. A Great Day for Major League Baseball!

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