Last 13 Was Not Good To The Astros Here is to the Next 16 Being Sweet


The last 13 games played by the Astros did not fare very well.  5 – 8 meaning 5 WINS and 8 LOSSES.  Here is to the next 16 games being SWEET.  This 5 and 8 skid, if skid even does justice to an 5-8 start to SEPTEMBER  Baseball to a team with Wild Card hopes.  7 and 6 was all I asked.  So the 5 and 8 performance, or lack there of, has the Astros 3.5 games back.  I didn’t ask for 10 and 3 just merely play above .500 ball against ALL FIRST PLACE DIVISION OPPONENTS and then kick it in overdrive for the SWEET 16 finally of games against less than opponents.  But no the Astros couldn’t tread water, they had to go under 2 to 3 times.  Baywatch Lifeguards running down foul territory with life preservers in hand ready to rescue the drowning Astros.  Did yall see that?  I saw it?  The Drowning Astros are now in 6th place in the wild card race.  Who counts 6 places in a wild card race? An Astros Fan that’s who!  Astros are not even the first team in their division in the wild card race because the Seattle Mariners found a way to WIN 8 Straight and the New York Yankees have won 8 out 0t 11 playing 7 games against DIVISION Leaders without Mr. October or Mr. November.  If the Yankees make it to the American League Wild Card Game, Mark My Words one of those Baby Bombers will be named MR. September!    What so crazy about this is in baseball terms the Yankees threw in the towel during the trade deadline.  Trading off Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller and Carlos Beltran.

Oh how 7 and 6 would have looked so much better than 5 and 8.  You know like that really nice outfit your wife has that fits just right and shows off just what you like looking at.  Whoa focus here.  You see what’s happening, even an Astros Fan cant focus anymore due to this 5 and 8 performance.   So this is what 7 and 6 would have looked like.  1.5 games back tied for 3rd with Detroit Tigers and the Seattle Mariners.  Now you with me here.  You seeing that outfit yet!  But no, we got the 5 and 8 lets go clean out the garage outfit on.  Ugh!

So here is what needs to happen to prevent early hibernation. Astros have to win 4 more games than Toronto Blue Jays, Detroit Tigers, Seattle Mariners and the New York Yankees.  6 of the Astros next 16 games is AGAINST THE MARINERS.  Astros need to win 5  of those versus the Mariners.  There is no players to be rested, no pitch counts, no nothing BUT THE BEST 9 ON THE FIELD FOR 16 GAMES!  If not consider the Astros season over and Jeff Luhnow and company as under achieved.  Jose Altuve is excused from this discussion as well as most mid and late season call ups like Alex Bregman, Yulieski Gourriel, and Joe Musgrove.  Some Players like Carlos Correa, George Springer and even Marwin Gonzales had a very respectable year.  Offensively everybody else hitting below .250.  Pitching Rookie Chris Devenski good job, leads the team in ERA 2.07, Will Harris 2.31 very notable, Pat Neshek 2.47 and Luke Gregerson you’re excused.   These guys did their role.  Not one full season starting pitcher ERA under 4.0 unless you count Scott Feldman whom was moved to the bullpen and then traded to the Toronto Blue Jays had an ERA of 2.90. Who do you call out on Carlos Gomez?  Since his arrival at the Texas Rangers his batting average is only 5 points better but his slugging is up 124 points and OPS up just under 200 points Home Runs and RBI’s per game has nearly tripled.  Why, Why, Why I have to ask Why?

I sure hope these last 16 GAMES are SWEET!


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