Is 13 A Lucky Number? Astros Sure hope So

A bakers dozen isn’t so bad right.  Well the next 13 games for the Astros isn’t going to be a box doughnuts.  It will be tougher than a bag of day old delights   It will be all firsts.   All firsts you might ask.  Yep all firsts.  The next 4 series opponents for the Houston Astros are all in first place of their respective divisions.  A 3 game series in Arlington against American League (AL) West Division leading Texas Rangers then travel to Cleveland to face the AL Central leading Indians for a 4 game series.  If that isn’t tough enough MLB schedulers award the Astros with a six game home stand, 3 against the Best Record in Baseball.  The  National League (NL) Central Chicago Cubs.  To continue this saga a 3 game series home rematch vs the Texas Rangers. I’m thinking if the Astros come out of these 13 games still in the playoff hunt just call off the post season and award the Astros the World Championship.  I mean heck they playing against the best records in both leagues including 7 of 13 on the road.  That’s World Series Caliber Scheduling.

With a strong recent home stand of 5-1 gives the Astros 71 wins with 29 games to go.  19 wins or .655 ball gets a total of 90 wins and a very legitimate shot of home field advantage in the wild card game.  However .655 ball over these next 13 games isn’t practical.  .500 ball would be nice.  Rounding up would be 7 and 6 over this 13 game stretch will require a 12 and 4 record the last 16 a .750 win percentage. Believe it or not the 7 and 6 run vs those first place opponents will be more impressive than the 12 and 4 vs The Oakland A’s, Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners.  7 of the last 16 games are at home 9 on the road.

My prediction is the Astros don’t make it to 90 wins.  I’m going with 87 wins.  Following the splits above I predict 5 and 8 on the 13 game stretch vs division leaders and 11 and 5 for the homestretch.  It will take a fall from Detroit and Baltimore for Houston to meet Boston in the wild card game played in Boston is my best prediction outcome for Houston.  Make the post season and count your lucky stars, all 13 of them.  Miss by one and the discussion of the one that got away will prevail.  I have a list of a few games to bring into that conversation if warranted.

September Baseball is Here.  PLAY BALL!!!!

Glynn Parent


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