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Enter Before 7pm Friday September 2nd. No Cost. Invite your friends to always think baseball Facebook page or the website

Winner receives an Astros Orange Always Think Baseball Dri Fit T-Shirt.

I am hosting an Astros Predictions Contest for the upcoming 13 games versus all first place teams in their respective divisions.

Rules all predictions based on record after game(s) September 14th. In case of rain out your prediction will be converted to a win percentage and compared to actual win percentage of actual games played. Make up double headers count and makeups after September 14th do not apply. Any game start prior to 11:59 pm September 14th counts. Limit one entry per person. No age limit on applicant. Smallest shirt size Youth Medium.

Predict the Astros record (wins – loses) over the next 13 games.
Example (7-6)

First tie breaker predict the Astros position in the wild card race at the end of the first 13 games in September as reported by MLB standings. Currently Astros are (4th) behind Boston Baltimore and Detroit.

Second Tie breaker games back or front of the wild card. Currently Astros are -1. So a +1 would be leading the wild card standings a 0 is possession of the 2nd wild card and a – # is amount of games behind the 2nd wild card spot. Exactly as reflected on MLB standings web page.

You can enter by posting your prediction on always think baseball Facebook page comments to this post, PM, or email:
Just for grins list your favorite Astros player on the current roster and your favorite all time Astros player.
Here is what My entry will look like. Copy if you like and post your numbers.

Record 7-6
Wild Card Position 3
Games Front/Back -2

Current Colby Rasmus and Alex Bregman

All Time Craig Biggio

Have fun with this!⚾️!⚾️!⚾️
Always Think Baseball


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