Dorthy Just Clicked Her Heels. Rangers Tell Gomez this A’int Houston is it GoGo

Unbelievable! If you are a Houston Astros fan this will upset you!  I am and it made me sick!  Carlos Gomez in his FIRST AB actually his FIRST SWING of the bat knocks the ball out of the park.  A 2 out 2 on situation in a scoreless ball game.  Dang It Man, I just cant believe what my eyes told my brain.  I am not upset with Carlos Gomez I am upset with the Houston Astros front office and coaching staff.  If Gomez resurrects his season in Arlington that will speak volumes for why the Astros, other than Jose Altuve and the just getting started Alex Bregman, struggle at the plate.  Is it from the top down? Is it the Hitting Coach?  Is it the Manager AJ Hinch?  I don’t know but I would be looking for that answer if I were in the Astros Organization.  Sure its 1 at bat, sure its 1 swing.  That is what the Astros new Gomez was capable of .  That’s why the Astros traded for Gomez with Milwaukee Brewers even after the New York Mets passed on Gomez due to not passing a physical with the Mets Medical Staff.  Unbelievable is still about all I can say.  That is of words suitable for print.

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