Correa and Gattis Counter Mahtook in Bottom of the 9th

Bottom  of 9th coming off  what was a 3-3 tied ballgame prior to Tampa Bay Devil Ray LSU Product Mikie Mahtook taking Ken Giles 97 mph heater and making a train wreck with it giving the Devil Rays a 4-3 lead.  Literally I mean this bomb landed on the train track at Minute Maid Park.  Open roof and this ball likely finds Crawford street.  But that doesn’t dampen these young Astros hitters.  Carlos Correa lives and  breathes for these moments.  And for the Astros Correa leads off the bottom of the 9th.  And yes just like in the story book Corrrea goes opposite field into the seats for a tied ballgame 4-4.  You cant script this stuff any better than this wonderful game called Baseball unfolds naturally.  Next up is the lumber jack Evan Gattis.  Gattis I might add performs better at the plate when playing the position behind the plate.  And like Correa spot as lead off in the bottom of the 9th we have Gattis at the plate as a catcher not as a DH.  The stars in the baseball universe have lined up for AJ Hinch in this scenario.  Now all the Astros need is the Devil Rays to not be in some super hero mode and saw down the lumber jack.  Well the lumber jack conquered all as he battled from an unfavorable count and foul off pitches until he was able to get a 3-2 count.  Rays closer decided to challenge Gattis and lost the challage. Gattis adds to the debris on and near the track with a bomb of his own.  In this case a walk off smash that the 25 man roster met Gattis at the plate for his traditional walk off mobbing and bath with the Astros favorite flavored thirst quencher.  Astros win 5-4 in a game that had 4 homeruns hit.  Wow How Cool is That!

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