Baseball is BorING? NOT !!!

Baseball is the farthest thing from boring. It’s a thinking mans game. The mental energy between pitcher catcher and batter on each pitch can marvel a physics professor. The fan that can’t see or feel that is missing out on a wonderful experience.  Listen to the Audio Prior to clicking the Link    Audi0 To be Continued Link.

Wild Card Countdown 10-9-8


Astros finish in Oakland with a Sweep.   Climbing Mount Wild Card Sure is Steep.  Houston’s 10-9-8 countdown starts now, for this Reason We only have 10 Games left in the regular Season.  Coming home for 4 versus the Angels.  No more games against the Rangers.  Followed by 3 versus Seattle.  Those 7 games will be a Battle.  A day of rest for the body and Mind.  Because Mount Wild Card has been a very tough Grind.  The final countdown 3-2-1. At the end of this road it will all be Done.  In Los Angeles for these Games.  It will take all 3 to stake a Claim.  To the wild card so many teams sought After.  But only 2 teams get to enjoy this Laughter.  So let the wild card countdown Begin.              10 more games until the END.

Last 13 Was Not Good To The Astros Here is to the Next 16 Being Sweet


The last 13 games played by the Astros did not fare very well.  5 – 8 meaning 5 WINS and 8 LOSSES.  Here is to the next 16 games being SWEET.  This 5 and 8 skid, if skid even does justice to an 5-8 start to SEPTEMBER  Baseball to a team with Wild Card hopes.  7 and 6 was all I asked.  So the 5 and 8 performance, or lack there of, has the Astros 3.5 games back.  I didn’t ask for 10 and 3 just merely play above .500 ball against ALL FIRST PLACE DIVISION OPPONENTS and then kick it in overdrive for the SWEET 16 finally of games against less than opponents.  But no the Astros couldn’t tread water, they had to go under 2 to 3 times.  Baywatch Lifeguards running down foul territory with life preservers in hand ready to rescue the drowning Astros.  Did yall see that?  I saw it?  The Drowning Astros are now in 6th place in the wild card race.  Who counts 6 places in a wild card race? An Astros Fan that’s who!  Astros are not even the first team in their division in the wild card race because the Seattle Mariners found a way to WIN 8 Straight and the New York Yankees have won 8 out 0t 11 playing 7 games against DIVISION Leaders without Mr. October or Mr. November.  If the Yankees make it to the American League Wild Card Game, Mark My Words one of those Baby Bombers will be named MR. September!    What so crazy about this is in baseball terms the Yankees threw in the towel during the trade deadline.  Trading off Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller and Carlos Beltran.

Oh how 7 and 6 would have looked so much better than 5 and 8.  You know like that really nice outfit your wife has that fits just right and shows off just what you like looking at.  Whoa focus here.  You see what’s happening, even an Astros Fan cant focus anymore due to this 5 and 8 performance.   So this is what 7 and 6 would have looked like.  1.5 games back tied for 3rd with Detroit Tigers and the Seattle Mariners.  Now you with me here.  You seeing that outfit yet!  But no, we got the 5 and 8 lets go clean out the garage outfit on.  Ugh!

So here is what needs to happen to prevent early hibernation. Astros have to win 4 more games than Toronto Blue Jays, Detroit Tigers, Seattle Mariners and the New York Yankees.  6 of the Astros next 16 games is AGAINST THE MARINERS.  Astros need to win 5  of those versus the Mariners.  There is no players to be rested, no pitch counts, no nothing BUT THE BEST 9 ON THE FIELD FOR 16 GAMES!  If not consider the Astros season over and Jeff Luhnow and company as under achieved.  Jose Altuve is excused from this discussion as well as most mid and late season call ups like Alex Bregman, Yulieski Gourriel, and Joe Musgrove.  Some Players like Carlos Correa, George Springer and even Marwin Gonzales had a very respectable year.  Offensively everybody else hitting below .250.  Pitching Rookie Chris Devenski good job, leads the team in ERA 2.07, Will Harris 2.31 very notable, Pat Neshek 2.47 and Luke Gregerson you’re excused.   These guys did their role.  Not one full season starting pitcher ERA under 4.0 unless you count Scott Feldman whom was moved to the bullpen and then traded to the Toronto Blue Jays had an ERA of 2.90. Who do you call out on Carlos Gomez?  Since his arrival at the Texas Rangers his batting average is only 5 points better but his slugging is up 124 points and OPS up just under 200 points Home Runs and RBI’s per game has nearly tripled.  Why, Why, Why I have to ask Why?

I sure hope these last 16 GAMES are SWEET!


21 Days Left in MLB, A Look Back and A Look Forward. September Baseball is Here


Baseball has so many numbers that create stats that one could submerse themselves to the point of pure exhaustion and merely just swipe the surface of all that’s available to stat geeks and historians alike.  In effort to be able to start and end this blog I will choose to review win streaks and the current chase to the post season, AKA “September Baseball“.  According to MLB Rare Feats a winning streak of 21 games or more has happened only twice in the modern era. The New York Giants in 1916 hold the MLB record of 26 consecutive games.  The Chicago Cubs in 1935 won 21 straight.  The Rare Feats link shows each MLB Franchise and their respective win streak length.

The premise for this  is there is currently 21 days left to the MLB regular season.  Knowing MLB doesn’t play 21 days straight any team not bringing a win streak into the last 21 days of the season, post September 11, 2016, will not be capable of equaling the mentioned rare feats.  The fun part here is to look at where your team is in the current post season race and what kind of a streak that they would need to pull off making this years post season bid.

Where was your MLB Team August 21st, 2016 (21 days ago)?  Notables American League (AL) East had a lot of shuffling over the  past 21 days.  The Toronto Blue Jays were leading the division by 2 games but going 8-12 over the past 21 days while the Boston Red Sox went 11-8 to take over the division lead.  The New York Yankees have gone 13-6 over that same stint and put themselves in the AL Wild Card (WC) Race.  The interesting part here is the Yankees were sellers at the mid season trade dead line trading arguably the two best relievers in MLB being Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller and possible one of the best post season hitters in Carlos Beltran. In the AL Central the Detroit Tigers went 11-7 to put them 10 games 0ver .500 and solid in the AL WC Race.  In the AL West the Texas Ranger’s went 11-7 to keep there lead over the 11-7 Houston Astros.  In the National League (NL) East the New York Mets won 14 games the most of any MLB team during the past 21 days giving the Mets sole possession of that 2nd NL WC spot over the St. Louis Cardinals going 9-10 losing the top WC spot and falling to 3rd in the NL WC race. The NL Central Chicago Cubs continue their wining ways going 12-6.  The NL West Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants were tied at 68 wins each.  The Dodgers went 12-6 while the Giants went 8-9 giving the Dodgers a 3 game lead in the Division.  The Giants Lead the NL WC over the red hot Mets by 1.5 games.  The Giants will not be pulling off anything like that 26 game streak of 1916 but it will likely take something very notable to either hold off the Mets or take over the Dodgers.

Where is your team going?  Well if you believe in streaks and or the team coming in hot, I hope you are a New York Yankee or New York Mets fan.  If not you hope those teams aren’t coming into your town and hope they are going to the team that is in your way.  Division Races in the AL East and the NL West are the only ones worth discussing.  The Giants travel to Los Angeles for a 3 game series and host the Dodgers for the final 3 games of the season.  That should play out to be some good SEPTEMBER BASEBALL.  The AL East Division Leader Boston Red Sox will host the Orioles, Yankees, and Blue Jays and travel to Baltimore and New York.  WOW!  What a gridlock this could turn out to be.  How much fun is it to watch the Yankees and the Red Sox face off anytime during the year now put it in SEPTEMBER with post season ramifications on the line.  Not to mention final season for David Ortiz “Big Pappi”.  I cant hardly wait to watch these two division races unfold!  Looking at the WC races the NL has the Giants, Mets and Cardinal’s. Three historic franchises grind it out.  The Mets are the hottest team in MLB with the easiest schedule in front of them, at least on paper.  The Mets host the Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies and travel to the Miami Marlins and finish on the road versus the Phillies.  All 3 teams the Mets play are below .500 and are currently playing below .500 ball.  The Cardinals will host the Cubs bringing with them the best record in all of MLB then go on the road to San Francisco for some head to head wild card games.  While on the road the Cards will play Colorado and Chicago Cubs finishing up at home against the losing trending Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The strange issue here is the Cards don’t paly well at home. The Cards are the only team in post season contention that have a losing record at home. The Giants have the division games versus the Dodgers previously mentioned  and host wild card contending Cardinals.  Giants other games will be against the San Diego Padres and Colorado Rockies. The AL West WC is just as exciting especially with all the AL East division stuff going on.  Only one team will come out the division leader the others all fall to the wild card race.  Added to the AL East gridlock to the  AL wild card is the Detroit Tigers and the Houston Astros.  Both the Tigers and the Astros are playing winning ball however with 5 teams involved in the race it gets very complex.  The Astros and the Tigers will not need a franchise best 12 game or 14 game winning streak respectively but will need to go on a winning streak of 8-10 games to take control of their respective spot because the Red Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays and Yankees will paly so many head to head games that they cant all lose.

So there you have it.  Let me know where your team is and how they plan to impact SEPTEMBER BASEBALL!