Bryce Harper Media Darling or Post MVP Hype


Bryce Harper, the 2015 NL MVP and deservingly so I might add, is getting a lot 2016 media coverage including Morning Lineup post by Cut4.  In this column author Chris Landers writes “He hits dingers seemingly on command,”.  I say to that, WHAT!  With only 24 home runs this season Harper is ranked 50th tied with Houston Astros Evan Gattis.  Landers then writes “he flips his bat. But it’s not just any bat flip — it’s a bat flip of calm disdain, as if he’s offended that this piece of lumber is still in his presence after having done its duty:”  According to the linked video I totally agree with Chris Landers outlandish description of the Bryce Harper bat flip.  But was Harpers outlandish bat flip necessary?  Look I’m good with some celebration and even a bat flip.  But at what point have these celebrations gone too far.  I think Bryce Harper is celebrating this one too much.  I mean ok Harper is reigning MVP and that allows you some amount of swagger.  But when not having anything close to an MVP type year I think one should reign it in a bit.  Harper is 50th in HR’s, 121st in batting avg, and 43rd in RBI’s.  Those numbers hardly earn a commentary as pronounced by Chris Landers including the video clips posted as “Wait, hold on, we need several more looks at that to give it proper tribute. The flip:”  With this type of publication on social media, Cut4 is not only condoning this behavior but promoting it.

Tell me how you feel about the excessive bat flip movement in baseball.

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