Astros Road to 90 is Still Alive

Baseball is a funny game.  Yes it can be funny haha but in this context funny being weird.  The Houston Astros vs AL West intrastate rival Texas Rangers look like a bad JV team vs the Varsity State Champs.  I mean 3 – 13 in 2016.  That’s horrible.  However when I look at the Astros and the Rangers against the rest of the league they are very close.  Actually the Astros come out a tiny bit ahead of the Rangers.  Let me explain.  138 games into the season Houston is 74-64.  Remove the dismal 3-13 record vs the Rangers and Astros sitting at 71-51.  The Rangers having played the same 138 games and are 82-56, second best record in the Majors, THANKS TO THE ASTROS!  Whew settle down.  Ok so remove the 13-3 record from the Rangers and they are left with 69-53.  2 games behind the Astros.  Crazy isn’t it.  Fuzzy Math you might say.  Pun intended since in  October of 2000  George W Bush, former owner of the Rangers, called out Al Gore’s economic figures as fuzzy math.  Ok enough on politics this is Sports Talk.  So one could argue the Houston Astros are a better team than the Texas Rangers versus the entire major leagues.  But that argument likely to fall as short as Al Gore did in the Presidential Election.  Oh oh there went another political comment.  Anyway it don’t work that way.  You can be horrible against a bad team but if you have the most total wins you get the title.  SCOREBOARD!  So what else is The Houston Astros to do?  Get to 90 that’s what.  Get to 90 and very likely the dismal record versus the Rangers will not matter.  Other than if the Astros are fortunate enough to 1 get to the wild card game and win it their likely opponent will be the RANGERS! What ever happen to the wild card not playing round one within their division.  Well sorry to say that has been gone since the inception of the 1 game payoff began in 2012.  From 1994 to 2011 only 1 wild card was in the post season and prior to that only division leaders.  So I suppose beggars can’t be chooser here right.

So here is my good math not that fuzzy stuff shhhh.   162 games in a season with 138 played  so that leaves 24 games to go.  Good math right.  162-138=24  Back check me with a calculator if you need to.  Here is the opponents Houston has left on the schedule and the number of games to play against that opponent and the 2016 win percentage against that opponent.  Sounds like a Jr High School Word problem.  Cleveland 2 @ .750, Chicago Cubs  3 no games in 2016 so I will use the home record of .574 , TEXAS 3 @ .188, Seattle 6 @ .615, Oakland 3 @ .625, Los Angles Angels 7 @ .917.  If you want to do all those numbers long hand you will get 15.440 games won = 89.440.  Well that isn’t possible so certain series will round up and down.  The 3 games versus TEXAS in Minute Maid Park will be the story.  If Houston gets swept at home by the Rangers then perhaps post season shouldn’t be awarded.  Although we established earlier head to head means nothing its total WINS! Remember SCOREBOARD!  So here it is my prediction in writing.

Cleveland 2 1-1, Cubs 3 2-1, TEXAS 3 1-2, Seattle 6 4-2, Oakland 3 2-1, Angels 7 6-1

That my friends is the Astros Road to 90 W’s.  I have been preaching this since the dismal start in April of 7-17.

GEAUX ‘Stros

Glynn Parent

Always Think Baseball

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